Here are a list of our many educational opportunities for adults. Please check back often as we will continue to add classes throughout the year!

Adult Forum

  • one1Adult Forum is Sunday school for grownups. We are a group of people from all walks of life and different perspectives. This year we will be on a journey together learning about the Nicene Creed and how this statement affects our faith and spiritual life. Come join us.

Every Sunday (except for the 2nd Sunday of the month) between worship services from 9:45 – 10:30 a.m. in the Guild Hall

Basic A

  • Basic A is a short-term class for those who want to further explore the Episcopalbasic-a Church, its history and beliefs. People at any point on a faith journey will feel welcome and included in this group. Adults, and their guests, are invited to take part. Those who wish to be confirmed as members of the Episcopal Church attend all sessions prior to their formal confirmation by Bishop Wolfe on October 30th.

Every Tuesday from Sept 13th – October 30th starting at 6:00 p.m.

Bible Study

  • Join us as we explore examples of faith from Hebrews 11. Each week we will discuss an Old Testament example of actions and event which demonstrate faith and how those examples can relate to our contemporary lives. The study is informal and does not require homework.

Every Wednesday from 6:00 -7:00 p.m. in the Lounge

  • Image result for accidental saintsWhat if the person you’ve been trying to avoid is your best shot at grace today? And what if that is the point? This 6-week bible study will explore the book, “Accidental Saints,” by Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. Nadia invites readers into a surprising encounter with God. As she lives and worships alongside these “accidental saints,” Nadia is swept into firsthand encounters with grace – a gift that often feels less like being wrapped in a warm blanket and more like being hit by a blunt instrument. But by this grace, people are transformed in ways they couldn’t have been on their own. Get the book and read the first three chapters prior to the first meeting on Tuesday, April 25 at 6:00 PM. Please be aware that this book has strong adult language and themes. We will translate her uplifting message into language we might use with our friends and family.

Book details: “Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People,” by Nadia Bolz-Weber, Publisher:            Convergent Books. ISBN-10: 1601427565. ISBN-13: 978-1601427564. The class meets six times.

Tuesdays 6:00 p.m. April 25-May 30. This study is led by Mother Dawn.

Education for Ministry (EfM)

efmA group of church members currently meet weekly from September through May on Thursday evening from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. to discuss reading materials and to clarify their understanding of their faith or beliefs that have implications in our society. The subject matter covers Old and New Testaments, 2000 years of church history, and the thoughts of religious scholars. We meet as a “one room school house” with YR 1 members focusing on Old Testament readings, YR 2 members on New Testaments readings, YR 3 members on Church History readings and YR 4 on theology understandings of our interactions in the world; hence the title of the program, EfM (Education for Ministry). This is a four year program administered by the University of the South. One receives a certificate upon completion of the program. The cost is $350 per year which includes books of study for each year enrolled in the program. “Scholarships” and other financial support are available.

Restoration Project (TRP)
The Restoration Project is a national movement within the Episcopal Church calling our people back to the basic practices of the church by following the 12 steps of humility of St. Benedict within the framework of the small group. The Restoration Project’s founder, Fr. Christopher Martin, describes it as follows: “We are a Movement, not a Program. Programs come and go but Movements last. We are proposing a permanent shift in both the practices and the structure of the church. The members of each small group within TRP commit to seven vows to work toward lives with regular prayer, worship, service to the poor, generosity, learning, discerning of call and commitment to the discipleship group’s members.” Kate Moorehead partnered with Fr. Martin in forming the conceptual framework of the Project which is based on the restoration of the image of God in each Christian, just as DaVinci’s Last Supper was restored by a team of Italian art experts. Discipleship Groups limit themselves to five-seven members, but any number of groups can be formed. To observe our group in action or get information about TRP, please come to one of our meetings. We gather every other Thursday evening.

Young Family Fellowship (YFF)

The Young Family Fellowship is for parents, parents-to-be and parents-in-waiting of young children and youth. We gather together every Sunday that Sunday school is in session from 9:45-10:25 for refreshments and fellowship time. We currently meet in the Undercroft (downstairs). There is no agenda just a time for us to gather together, tell funny stories, support each other, and generally have fun. We’d love for you to join us and help our group grow!




If you’d like more information about our adult ministries, please contact Chelsea Whipple, Director of Christian Formation.


Previous Bible Studies:

  • We discussed Rev. Stephen Smith’s book Saving Salvation: The Amazing Evolution of Grace as well as looked into the history of Salvation from the Old Testament to the New Testament. This was an in-depth study towards self-discovery of salvation and how it impacts us today as Christians and citizens of this world.
  • Every Thursday from March 2nd – April 6 10:00 -11:00 a.m. in the Guild Hall


  • During the 2016 Advent Season we took time to reflect in anticipation of the birth-of-jesusbirth of our Messiah. We discussed the characters involved in the birth narrative and traveled along as we looked at how Mary, Joseph, the Angel, the Wise Men and the Shepherds were shaped and changed by the birth of Jesus. Through the narratives of both Matthew and Luke we get an awe-inspired story of God’s ultimate fulfillment to Israel and how we can take time out of this busy season to reflect on those same promises.

The study took place on Thursdays December 1st – 22nd starting at 10:00 a.m. in the lounge.

  • jesus-christ-divineIn the Fall of 2016 we studied the Miracles of Jesus recorded in the four Gospels. We used a variety of translations to explore how the Biblical teachings can enhance our everyday lives. This study is open to all adults.

The study took place every Wednesday from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the lounge