Creation Care at St. James Episcopal Church


 The Nature Conservancy uses the best available science and decades of field experience to help Kansas lawmakers make informed decisions about climate policy. Here is the information about their position on KS House Bill 2320:

 On Sept. 18, 2021, we put 15 native plants in the ground along Yale Street, and an oak leaf hydrangea near the parking lot entrance. We will check our progress in the spring and determine if more plants will be needed.

For the Episcopal Church position on Creation Care issues, Social Justice, and other areas of concern,
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Bishop Cathleen’s Challenge: Sustain Island Home

Bishop Cathleen is challenging us to reduce our carbon footprint. Launched by the Diocese of California, Sustain Island Home is a tool for individuals and congregations to measure carbon footprint and then take measurable actions ranging from easy to challenging. Learn more and register at

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Christianity and the Renewal of Nature: Human Responsibility and the Environment

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The Diocese of Kansas has been selected to participate in this grant-supported project.

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