Minster-wide News and Projects!

Welcome Home Basket

As an expression of the Minster’s relationship to Breakthrough ESS, the churches of the Wichita Minster put together Welcome Home baskets for rehoused adults! Breakthrough ESS rehouses unhoused adults at a rate of about one adult per week, and the baskets are a wonderful way to show support to the people recieving a basket. 

Breakthrough ESS has a rota of churches (alphabetically, first Good Shepherd, then St. James, St. John’s, and St. Stephen’s) that they will contact in turn when they need a basket. Each parish should have their baskets prepared, stored at their church in a convenient location, and on hand to deliver to Breakthrough upon their request and a contact person to manage the process of contact and delivery. St. James is no longer receiving donations for more baskets. We have created enough baskets for awhile, and will resume taking donations when we need a new supply. 


The Minster participates together in all kinds of ministries already!

  • ShowerUp ICT is a Shower ministry provided at St. John’s every Thursday night from 6-7:30. It will be on hiatus after October 28 due to cold weather and will be back in the Spring, though there may be opportunities to volunteer once a month, so look out for those! If you have any questions, contact Mike McFerrin at 316-516-6183.
  • Sandwich Saturdays is a food ministry that provides Sandwiches and other foods to the unhoused population and anyone else in need in downtown Wichita! Different churches and groups choose Saturdays to make Sandwich lunch bags and pass them out at St. John’s Saturday mornings at 11:00. If you have any questions, contact Joan Bledsoe at 316-932-5568 or at pansy1918@icloud.com.
  • Breakthrough ESS is a member of the Wichita Minster and we are always looking for ways to support them in any way we can. They are looking to make sure their pantry and kitchen are stocked for the winter, so they are in need of some supplies: vitamins in bulk, any large can of fruits or vegetables, large juice containers, cases of bottled water, Spaghetti O’s/canned spaghetti, peanut butter/cheese crackers, instant oatmeal, canned chili , beef stew (easy tab top), small individual can openers, hot chocolate packages, Vienna sausages, applesauce packs, breakfast bars, canned chicken (easy tab top), Canned tuna (easy tab top), canned ham (easy tab top), Ensure packets, and baby formula. Any questions can be directed to Rachel Newell at Rachel.newell@breakthroughwichita.org.