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Spiritual direction/companionship is a relationship in which a director allows through deep listening the spiritual story of the other to unfurl. Through this relationship, the person seeking companionship is empowered to explore a deeper relationship with God or however you may refer to the Ground of All Being. Spiritual directors seek to be available for open and honest sharing concerning the spiritual life. They are found throughout religious experiences and history in both eastern and western traditions. Some spiritual directors use highly structured techniques. Others respond intuitively to the present conversation. (Explanation from Spiritual Directors International and the Episcopal Church Glossary of Terms.)

Meet our trained Spiritual Directors at St. James Episcopal Church.

Terry Anderson Spiritual Director

Terry Anderson


(316) 304-1849

Chelsea Whipple Spiritual Direction

Chelsea Whipple


(316) 993-4672

Additional Resources for Spiritual Direction

For a list of other trained spiritual directors please refer to: https://www.sdicompanions.org/find-a-spiritual-director-companion/

Learn more about spiritual direction at https://www.sdicompanions.org/.



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