Working together to empower refugees to restore their dignity and self-reliance, and participate in their new communities.

St. James wichita

International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Co-Sponsorship Group

The IRC Co-Sponsorship Group is so excited to announce the imminent arrival of the refugee family being co-sponsored with the IRC! The family will arrive on October 25, and come from the Democratic Republic of Congo. It consists of a 35-year-old mother with 5 children, ages 1 through 17. There are 3 girls, a teenage boy and a baby boy. Our information tells us they do not speak fluent English, and have a Christian background. The family will be living in short-term housing until a permanent, long-term option is available.

While IRC is our partner in many of the services, we still need a lot of help to get this family settled. Many refugees often arrive with only 1-2 bags of clothing they can carry. That is all. To that end, we have posted links to 2 lists – one for Household Goods and the other for kitchen staples – with the minimum this family will need to get their household up and running. If the spirit moves you, please review the lists and give what you can. New and gently used items are gladly accepted. However, we cannot accept anything that needs to be repaired or refurbished right now.

There will be a cart in the front entry area if you would like to drop off your items.  All donations (except for large furniture items and food) really need to be received by next Sunday, October 22, 2023.  Our apologies for such a rushed timeline. But, the family’s arrival was much faster than we anticipated. If you arrange to have your items delivered shortly after that date, you can contact Jessica or myself (or note it in the Comments section on the online donation list) so we don’t buy an item in place of it. For food donations, we just need to know your commitment for groceries by this Tuesday, October 17.  Then, we will send an email with information on when and where to deliver it so the food is as fresh as possible.  We also encourage all our parish members to share these links and this information with any family, friends and colleagues who may also be interested in helping a refugee family resettle in Wichita. You can direct them to this website for the links or share it in your own email or text messages.

 Our church is the first group to attempt this kind of sponsorship in Wichita…and if we are successful, hopefully not the last. It feels a little like our IRC Group has taken off in a plane while only halfway constructed. But, we know that with God’s help – working through all of you – we will get this family landed safely and securely in our loving community during the holiday season. We truly appreciate all the prayers, encouragement, consideration and generosity you have bestowed upon us. Thank you!

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