Sermons by The Rev. Peg T. Flynn, Deacon

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The Second Sunday after Epiphany


The Good that Came out of Nazareth “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” “Rabble Rousers! Criminals! Those Nazarenes will bring about the ruin of all that we hold dear!” The more things change, the more people react the same. Sometimes it seems as if the gospel were written specifically for us now—in this place […]

The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 25


Letting Our Light Shine: The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement In the name of the loving Father, the liberating Son and the life-giving Holy Spirit. Amen. It is wonderful to be with you today. This weekend we will be celebrating not one but two Sunday baptisms—Julian Whipple (son of Brandon and Chelsea) and Simon […]

Easter 4, Year A

The Reluctant Sheep “Shepherd us, O God, Beyond our wants, Beyond our fears, From death—into life. Amen” Some of you have heard me speak of a young boy named Kal’El. When he was three years old, he began coming to spend a couple of mornings a week with me. We were exploring the world—including through […]

Lent V, Year A

ABIDE WITH ME Sunday April 2, 2017 About this time last year, I was at Wesley Medical Center working as the overnight chaplain on call. I received a page around two o’clock in the morning.  A nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit explained that one of her elderly patients was being placed on “comfort […]

Second Sunday of Advent 2016 Year A


Peace in a Time of Dissonance Last week we entered into this Season of Advent. During the recessional at the end of service, we sang hymn #68: “Rejoice, rejoice believers and let your lights appear!—all in a minor key– and my heart shuddered:   “The evening is advancing, and darker night is near.” When I sing, […]

All Saints Sunday


All Hallow’s Eve, The Saints, Beatitudes and Ingathering  Homily Sunday, November 6, 2016  The Rev. Peg Flynn, Deacon This past Monday evening, I found myself walking down the street hand in hand with an almost four-foot-tall, secret agent.  We were kicking our way through leaves bunched in the gutter.  He wore a black trench coat, […]

Good Friday, Year B

The Greatest Sermon Ever Given “It is finished.” And so–the vigil that we began yesterday evening—at the time when Jesus and his disciples entered the Garden of Gethsemane—is over: “It was nine o’clock in the morning when they crucified him.” And now, we have come to stand at the foot of His cross, to wait: […]

18 Pentecost, Year A – 2014


During the summer season so recently past, we experienced more than a couple weddings here at St. James.  And there are more still to come—most happy events for the church— but they do bring to mind the sometimes challenging issue of soliciting prompt RSVPs from wedding guests.  Recently I saw a clever RSVP card which […]

Tuesday in Holy Week, April 15, 2014


 Are We There–Yet? Sometimes it seems—at this point in the Lenten Season—that our journey has gone on forever.  Not unlike that skit from the TV cartoon–The Simpsons. Lisa and Bart from the backseat of the family car, take turns pestering their parents: “Are we there yet?”  And Homer or Marge answering, “Just a little bit […]